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Ehlnofex is an ancient language of Nirn. It is considered to be dead, and a dialect of Merish.[1] This language was used by Ehlnofey during Dawn Era. Ehlnofex is also known to be one of the oldest languages in history and possibly an ancestral language to both Men and Mer races. It was learned by both Mere-Glim and Annaig Hoinart in the Fourth Era.[1] The only known native speakers of Ehlnofex are inhabitants of Umbriel and Ehlnofey.

Common usageEdit

Few people in Tamriel know how to speak in Ehlnofex. Some common words have their ancient roots in Ehlnofex like Aedra (Ancestor) or Daedra (not our Ancestor). Tamriel also takes its name from Ehlnofex (Dawn's Beauty). Mostly Dunmer still use Ehlnofex words in common communication—addressing Sera or Serjo, Tel (Tower), Sadrith (Mushroom) or Morag Tong (Forester Guild).