"I only know that he's very powerful. When our scouts approached him, he burnt them to cinders with the flick of his wrist. I suspect he knew about this place beforehand, and probably studied up on the seals... and on the serpent."
―Priestess Sendel[src]

Eligun the Serpent Lord is a powerful Maormer summoner and a member of the Sea Vipers found at the Serpent's Grotto. He is a boss that must be fought during the quest "The Serpent Lord."


The Serpent LordEdit

Maormer have entered Serpent's Grotto, and one of the Maormer mages has broken the seals that bound a massive sea serpent here for centuries. Priestess Sendel gave the Vestige a blood rune. They need to kill enemies to fill the blood rune and then use it on each of the three seals the Maormer have broken.