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Race Elder
Gender Male
Level 90
Class Priest
Faction Greybeards
Services Teaches "Ro"
Essential Always
Ref ID 000886B5
Base ID 0002C6CC

Einarth is a Nord and one of the five Greybeards the Dragonborn meets at High Hrothgar, near the Throat of the World.


He teaches the word of power "Ro", or "balance" in the dragon language, which is the second word in the Unrelenting Force shout. If Arngeir refuses to help the Dragonborn during The Throat of the World he will say something in the Dragon language to "remind" Arngeir about his "duties".


  • He may be found practicing shouts in the courtyard.
  • He may go up into the tower in the courtyard and use the Clear Skies shout.
  • As with the majority of the Greybeards, Einarth does not speak, his skill with the way of the voice being too powerful for untrained ears.

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