"The mages don't let us go in the College. They said it's not safe in there."


Eirid is a Nord child that can be found inside the Frozen Hearth in Winterhold.


Her parents are Haran and Dagur, who cooperate to run the Frozen Hearth Inn. Eirid stays inside her house almost all the time, and sleeps in the basement at night. 

As there are no other children to play with in Winterhold, she plays with Assur, though she is not fond of him, saying that he's mean, and wants to play games she doesn't like to play. She also doesn't like that he hates the mages from the College, who she thinks are nice.

It is possible for her to send hired thugs after the Dragonborn if they steal from The Frozen Hearth.


  • "The mages don't let us go in the College. They said it's not safe in there."
  • "Assur says his pa says the mages at the College make everything bad happen, but to me they seem nice."
  • "There's not many people left in Winterhold, and so I only have Assur to play with, and sometimes he's mean."
  • "Assur always wants to play 'Hunt the Elf' and he makes me be the elf."


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  •  PC   PS3   When in the Frozen Hearth and the Dragonborn steals something, Nelacar might attack Eirid, possibly thinking she's the one who stole.