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Skeever got in the house today. Frirhild nearly jumped out of her dress. Spilled half my mead on the floor from laughing so hard.

— Got a new farmhand. Good lad. The other street rats in Riften dubbed him Hramdin Eversmiling. Maybe a match for Raerana, when she's a little older?

— Had to deal with Bar-Neeus in Riften today. Damned lizard cheats me every time. Barely made enough for a couple of drinks before heading home. Frirhild had her say about that, as usual.

— Damned Elf hanging around the farm again today. If he asks for Rae's hand again, it'll go hard on him. He's not good enough for her.

Raerana just won't learn. Had to teach her to watch her mouth this morning. Frirhild almost said something but stopped. Good. I know what's best for my girls. Today's going to be a good day.