"Perhaps Akatosh heard my prayers. Even here. Even after everything I've done ..."

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Eldamil was an Altmer who led the Daedra army to Kvatch, but later repented his actions. He is primarily responsible for opening the Gate at Kvatch. He died during the Battle of Kvatch. He served as Mankar Camoran's chief lieutenant up until his death.

After deathEdit

After his death, he ascended to the realm of Paradise, like many of his fallen companions in the Mythic Dawn. However, Eldamil repented his actions. For this, his master banished him to the Forbidden Grotto to torture his former comrades who showed a similar ingratitude for the gift of eternal life.



Eldamil was one of Mankar Camoran's chief lieutenants in the Mythic Dawn cult. He is an Altmer found inside the Forbidden Grotto of Paradise, and will aid in removing the Bands of the Chosen. He will also help the Hero fight his former master, if they so choose. Accepting his help in the fight is not necessary to win the battle, and he will die at the end of the level no matter what.


  • "Death to Dagon's lackeys!"
  • "Akatosh must have heard my prayers. Even down here. Even after everything I've done."
  • "We were The Chosen. We saw more clearly than ordinary mortals. We would destroy the world, and remake it."