"You enter Eldenroot, center of the Wood Elven nation. The elves here seem friendly and you are hailed in welcome. You overhear that the City-State's commerce is going well..."
―Description in Arena

Elden Root, also known as Eldenroot, is a city located in the center of the Grahtwood region of Valenwood. Elden Root has been on par with Falinesti as the capital.



Elden Root has two entrances. The southern gate connects Elden Root to Haven while the Northern Gate connects to the rest of Valenwood. Elden Root's outside has an Altmer Embassy located on the southern section of the city. The northern and central outside is where the Undaunted, Inn, and Stables are located. Since the city is built on Graht-oak tree everything is in the tree. The ground level of the tree is where merchants gather to sell their merchandise and where shrines dedicated to Auri-El, Mara, and Stendarr are located. Many flora grow around the Elden Tree including Azra Root, the Alomeria, Nirnroot, and the Alocasia Fruit.[1]


First EraEdit

Elden Root was originally built by the Ayleids after the Slave Rebellion in Cyrodiil. Elden Root proved to be one of their larger settlements because the elves used the Elden Tree to build grand libraries and large universities. After the Maormer had besieged the cities of Haven and Woodhearth, their next target was Elden Root. Both the Elden Root Enclave and the Elden Tree were ransacked by the foreign elves.[2]

Second EraEdit

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During the Alliance War, Elden Root became the capital of the First Aldmeri Dominion for strategical reasons. Elden Root binds the continental races to the High Elves on the Summerset Isles to have the capital on the main land. Forces can easily move to Cyrodiil from the Elden Root. Another reason is a mythical sense, possible related to the Orrery inside the Elden Tree.[OOG 1]

After establishing Elden Root as the Dominion capital, construction was under way for an Embassy for both Altmer and Khajiit. However, controversy came as there has been no progress on the Khajiiti Embassy. Queen Ayrenn sends the Vestige to investigate the current uproar and talk with Prince Naemon at the Elden Tree. Naemon briefs the traveler on the news and tells them that Ambassador Tarinwe was in charge of the embassies. After some investigation in the ruins and storehouse, the Vestige and Azareth of the Vinedusk Rangers went to the Middens and found out that Tarinwe was in league with the Veiled Heritance. Tarinwe was later put to trial.[3]

Queen Ayrenn must prove that she is a capable leader by commencing the Ratification Ceremony in the Orrery inside Elden Root. In order to do so, she needs someone to maintain the Orrery, a divine spark, and an Ayleid source of power. The Vestige is tasked with finding these three things at Southpoint, the Falinesti Winter Site, and the Reliquary of Stars. After finding Daraneth to operate the Orrery, Rahjin's Mantle for a divine spark, and the Heart of Anumaril for an Ayleid source of power, the Ratification Ceremony commenced. Ayrenn was to step into the Orrery and see if she's truly Empress material however, Naemon stepped in to see if he himself is qualified to be Emperor. The Orrery reveals the true nature of whoever steps in and the Orrery transformed Naemon into a vile Ogrim. The Vestige had to kill Naemon and save everyone inside. After Naemon's death, Ayrenn stepped inside the Orrery and envisioned a world under the Aldmeri Dominion. If her own, "A Dominion of peace. The fair and just rule of Tamriel, beneath an Aldmeri banner. A future I hope to build. And you, standing at my side. Come, help me build the future."[4][5]

Third EraEdit

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During the Imperial Simulacrum, the Eternal Champion visited the city of Eldenroot. At the time, it was ruled by Queen Ulandra. The Queen makes a deal with the champion that if they retrieve the Heart of Selene in Selene's Web, they can get the location of the second piece of the Staff of Chaos. After retrieving the Heart, Ulandra points the champion to Elden Grove where they eventually recovered the piece. Afterwards they went on to Halls of Colossus in Elsweyr.[6]

The Thalmor made Elden Root the capital of Valenwood during the Second Aldmeri Dominion's stay in Valenwood for unknown reasons.[7]



  • When Arena was going to be a tournament-based game, where each city had their own gladiatorial team. Elden Root's team was known as the Cavaliers.[OOG 2]

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Notice: The following are out-of-game references. They are not found in any in-game books, but can still be considered part of The Elder Scrolls lore and are included for completeness.
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