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[[File:TESV_Elder_Scroll_Real.png|thumb|324px|The Elder Scroll (Skyrim)
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Item Code: 2D513]]
The '''Elder Scroll''' is a quest item obtained in Skyrim during the [[Discerning the Transmundane|Discerning th]][[Discerning the Transmundane|e Tr]][[Discerning the Transmundane|ansmundane]]<span style="font-style: normal; "> quest which is part of the main quest </span>[[Elder Knowledge]]<span style="font-style: normal; ">.</span>
Note: It is possible to complete Discerning the Transmundane before even starting Elder Knowled<span style="font-style: normal; ">ge</span><span style="font-style: normal; "> quest, this will cause the player to have the </span>'''Elder Scroll'''<span style="font-style: normal; "> in his inventory until it is needed during th</span><span style="font-style: normal; ">e main quest. Although the item is listed as having a weight of 20, it actually weighs nothing; adding or removing it from your inventory does not change your carry weight. </span>
The '''Elder Scroll''' is used during [[Alduin's Bane]] (the quest following Elder Knowledge) to go ba<span style="font-style: normal; ">ck in time and learn the </span>[[Dragonrend|Dragonrend Shout]]<span style="font-style: normal; "> which will be used in </span>[[Alduin]]<span style="font-style: normal; ">'s bane</span><span style="font-style: normal; ">.</span>
After the bane is complete, the '''Elder Scroll''' can be sold to [[Urag gro-Shub]] in the [[Arcanaeum]] in [[College of Winterhold]] for 2000 septims.
Reading the scroll does nothing besides making you blind for 3 seconds and knocking you unconscious for a short period of time. ''(Not tested)'' Reading the scroll over and over could actually turn the [[Dragonborn]] blind, according to [[Elder_Scrolls#Reading_an_Elder_Scroll|some sources]].
If you did Discerning the Transmundane before Alduin's Bane and you are not planning on continuing the [[main quest|Main Quest]] quite soon, here is a temporary fix for not having to keep the '''Elder Scroll''' with you.
'''(PC only)''' Open the [[Console Commands (Skyrim)|console]] (# key) and type the following command:
*'''player.removeitem 2D513 1'''
This will remove the '''Elder Scroll''' from your inventory. When you need it, simply add it back using:
*'''player.additem 2D513 1'''
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