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Eldersblood Peak is a dragon lair located in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The mountain top is covered in ice and snow but the hand of man is evident. The peak has been leveled off with giant stone work and look out points which offer a commanding view over the surrounding area; High Hrothgar can be seen in the distance.


Eldersblood Peak is located on top of a mountain southwest of Morthal. There are four routes to access this location:

  1. From Morthal - From the fast travel point, a valley leads southeast to a path. Proceeding right (west) down the path leads to a bridge with a waterfall to the left (south). Immediately across the bridge, a slight valley leads up to the left (south). Up the hill directly to the south is the river that forms the waterfall seen at the bridge. Directly across the river is a dirt path that continues on to the south, but that is not the path to follow. Instead, there is path due east from the two islands in the river. Climbing up over rocks, a path is found that leads to the right (south) to start. The path follows a series of switch-backs leading up the mountain to a hunters camp and then further up to North Cold Rock Pass and finally to stone stairs leading to the top.
  2. From Rannveig's Fast - On the south side of the mountain is the ancient tomb, Rannveig's Fast. From here the stone stairs up the south face of the mountain lead to Cold Rock Pass. The pass leads to the other side of the mountain exiting at North Cold Rock Pass. From here the path up the hill leads to the peak.
  3. A more difficult way to get there is from the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon, following the peaks along the ridge. 
  4. It is also possible to climb and jump up the cliffs. 



Eldersblood Peak Dragon


Partial translation of the word wall

A large Word Wall dominates one side of the peak's upper platform area. This Word Wall teaches a word of the Dragon Shout Disarm.

In the Dragon Language it reads:






  • Several frost trolls guard this ancient dragon lair if the quest "Dragon Rising" has not yet completed.
  • After "Dragon Rising" has been completed, most of the frost trolls will have been killed. However, a leveled Dragon will take their place afterwords.

Notable itemsEdit

  • At the top of the peak is the Word Wall for the shout Disarm.
  • A large unlocked chest is on the right side of the Word Wall.
  • Several potions on a table to the left of one of the sets of stairs.


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