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Elenglynn is an Ayleid Ruin in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It is a small Ayleid Ruin located about halfway between Chorrol and Skingrad, just slightly southwest of Redguard Valley Cave.


It can be considered notorious for the ubiquitous Dark Welkynd Stones in it. Beware of the sweeping blades trap after walking down the stairs when entering the ruin. In the next room the Dark Welkynd Stones will be activated as soon as one enters.

Along the bridge is also a spiked grille trap but half way over on the right side is a passage with an Ayleid chest with loot where one can rest. Further in the Hero will encounter the necromancers and they will summon their undead.


  • Elenglynn

Notable itemsEdit


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