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"I run an Inn here in town, but if you don't hurry up, they'll have it burned to the ground!"

Elenwen is an Altmer who resides in the town of Silsailen, where she runs the local inn. She is the daughter of Canonreeve Valano.


Elenwen grew up in Silsailen, and was raised by Canonreeve Valano. She ran the town's inn until the attack by the Veiled Heritance.

The Vestige first meets her outside of Silsailen, shortly after a group of Veiled Heritance members disguised as First Auridon Marines launched an attack against the town, in hopes of making it look like Queen Ayrenn would be blamed for it. However, Elenwen and many other townspeople still suspect that the marines were fake. She may task the Vestige with going to the center of town to meet with Teldur.

While the Vestige frees the marines, Elenwen witnesses Teldur taking her father, Valano, up towards his mansion. Believing that Teldur was the traitor who sold out Silsailen to the Veil, she requests that the Vestige travel to the mansion to kill Teldur and free her father. However, it is revealed that Teldur had uncovered evidence that Valano was actually a member of the Veiled Heritance, and brought him to the mansion for interrogation purposes.

After learning that her father was the real traitor, and of his subsequent execution, she takes over as the Canonreeve of Silsailen, in order to undo the damage that her father had done to the town.


Silsailen RescueEdit

The town of Silsailen is under attack by imposters disguised as First Auridon Marines. The townspeople suspect these men and woman are a part of a group called the Veiled Heritance.

Real MarinesEdit

While in Silsailen, I learned that the imposters have taken real Auridon Marines captive.

Teldur's EndEdit

Teldur has kidnapped Canonreeve Valano and taken him into the manor.


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