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"We've all agreed. He's going to choose one way or the other. Or we're throwing him off the boat!"
―Elethien about Jakarn[src]

Elethien is a Bosmer first met in the Screaming Mermaid, after the quest "Innocent Scoundrel." residing in Port Hunding, Stros M'Kai, standing among other Jakarn's admirers. She has been involved with Jakarn, and along with Irien and Nasmat, they want him to make up his mind when all meet on the ship back to Daggerfall.

She later appears at the inns in Wayrest and Sentinel. In Wayrest she tells the Vestige she's done with sailing.


  • "I don't really believe he's a captain. He looks so good I don't care."
  • "I can't wait to see Jakarn's battle scars. I'm sure he's got them everywhere." —When she is a crew member of The Spearhead


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