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Race Nord
Gender Male
Level Same as the Dragonborn's level, with a range of 10 to 60
Essential Protected
Ref ID xx01A51B
Base ID xx01A51A

Elmus is a Nord former resident of the Thirsk Mead Hall who can initially be found at Bujold's Retreat, along with the other outcasts. Remus will move back into the hall if the Dragonborn agrees to help Bujold take the hall back from the rieklings.


Retaking ThirskEdit

Remus, along with the other Thirsk warriors, will aid in killing the rieklings in the Thirsk Mead Hall, and will move back into the hall after it is taken.

The Chief of Thirsk HallEdit

The Riekling Chief asks the Dragonborn to kill the Nords at Bujold's Retreat.

Elmus' MeadEdit

After asking he if there is anything the Dragonborn can do to make life in exile any better while at Bujold's Retreat, Remus asks the Dragonborn to retrieve one bottle of ashfire mead from Thirsk Mead Hall.

Elmus' BerriesEdit

After taking the hall back, Remus will ask the Dragonborn to gather one sample of juniper berries, after Remus is asked about how the mead production is going.


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