Else God-Hater is a Nord who lives at the West Weald Inn in Skingrad. She is strongly antipathetic towards worship of the Nine Divines.


Else questions whether the gods even exist as she believes they have not done anything. She prefers Daedric Princes because even though they are evil, they actually do things. This is the reason that Else serves as a Sleeper Agent for the Mythic Dawn. She will attempt to kill the Hero of Kvatch once the quest "Dagon Shrine" is completed. Once the main quest is completed, she will not attack the Hero but will still hate the gods. When attacking the Hero she will usually use invisibility spells but she is not a difficult fight.


  • When asked about Glarthir, she is the only one to admit that he is a dangerous lunatic, and believes he will snap one day and become a public danger.
  • Ironically, even though she is a Mythic Dawn agent, she is amazed by stories about the Hero of Kvatch.