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Not to be confused with Elsweyr or holding cell.

Elsweyr is a room in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that can only be accessed by using the console command coc elsweyr. To exit, the command coc can be used to teleport to a different location.


M'aiq the Liar is the only entity in the room; it is believed that this room was made to hold M'aiq the Liar when he is not encountered in a world encounter by the Dragonborn. However, he is not enabled and thus does not physically appear. The room has no entrances or pathways.


  • The ID of the room is a reference to the Khajiit province of Elsweyr. It is likely the developers named it after the province because the room was designed to hold M'aiq, who is a Khajiit.
  • While the cell's ID is elsweyr, the name of the cell is "holding cell" according to the map.


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