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For other uses, see Elsweyr Fondue.

Elsweyr Fondue is a cooked food. It is one of the few recipes that does not require the use of a salt pile.



  • Regenerate Magicka: Magicka regenerates 25% faster for twelve minutes.
  • Fortify Magicka: Magicka is increased by 100 for twelve minutes.
  • If the Dragonborn is a Vampire and has the Necromage Restoration perk, the effects are increased to 31% for Magicka Regeneration and 125 for Fortify Magicka, along with an increased effect duration of 18 rather than the normal 12 minutes.


Despite being a food item, it is very useful for mages due to the large boost of magicka and magicka regeneration. The most redeeming factor is that it outlasts potions with similar effects by a large margin. However, it is a rare item since no one sells it and moon sugar is a relatively rare ingredient.


The ingredients for the food can be purchased from merchants or stolen or taken from a building. One such place is a master-locked storage room in Fort FrostmothDR, which contains significant amounts of all materials required for Elsweyr Fondue—a shelf contains several Eidar Cheese Wheels and Ale bottles, and a barrel in the storage room contains several units of Moon Sugar.


  • Elsweyr is the home of the Khajiit, meaning this recipe likely comes from them. The use of moon sugar as an ingredient makes this even more likely.
  • Oddly, no Khajiit character in the game carries this food unless it is sold to them.
  • In spite of its "adult" ingredients, it can be given as a gift to an adopted child, like a Sweetroll.


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