Elysana is the Breton daughter of the now-deceased Queen Carolyna and King Eadwyre of Wayrest. She is also the step daughter of Barenziah, and step sister of King Helseth Hlaalu and Queen Morgiah of Firsthold. She won the throne of Wayrest after a bitter struggle with Helseth, an impressive feat, proving her political acumen and strength.[source?]

She eventually became queen, and had had two children by her consort. Under her, Wayrest has expanded its territory. A cold war currently exists between Wayrest, Daggerfall, and Sentinel, and a much warmer relationship exists between Wayrest and Orsinium.[source?]

It is said that a serpent once bit her and died. Her admirers and enemies alike routinely call her the new Wolf Queen. She is powerful and paranoid, utterly ruthless and extremely intelligent.[source?]