The Embalming Tool, commonly found next to ruined books, is one of the most common items encountered in the ancient Nordic tombs of Skyrim. Though they come in many different types the Embalming Tool has no purpose other than being sold.


The Embalming Tools appear to have played a role in the preservation of the draugr. They are seen mainly in Nordic ruins. The Ancient Nords were credited with being extremely skilled at preserving their dead.

Embalming Tools can also be found in various "torture chambers," such as the one in the Dawnstar Sanctuary.


Other than sale to increase Dragonborn's speech level by selling them, they have no use and can take up much of one's carry weight.


  • One of the embalming tools appears to be a pair of metal scissors, which according to Norse legend are used for one of the few ways to prevent a corpse from becoming a draugr.