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Emeralds are precious gems in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Categorized under the "Misc." section of the inventory menu, Emeralds have a weight of 0.1 WeightIcon, and a value of 600 GoldIcon.


Emeralds are leveled loot, typically found in chests, but rarely found on corpses. They may also be found as dungeon dressings, on display on shelves, or in display cases. Thieves that inhabit Riften commonly contain these items. Vendors such as Madesi or Fralia Gray-Mane, who specialize in the sale of jewelry and jewels may have these items.

The chances of finding an emerald are increased with the Prowler's Profit, garnered by reconstructing the Crown of Barenziah during the quest, "No Stone Unturned"


Fixed LocationsEdit

  • One emerald can be found in a wooden bowl with gold coins inside the Fellglow Keep's Dungeons in the same room with prison cells.
  • A flawless variant can be found within the ruins of Valthume. It is located on a shelf in a room that can be accessed from the first room that Hevnoraak's spirit is seen. This room also contains leveled Draugr and a floor trap that leads into a brood of Frostbite Spiders.


Emeralds are involved in the Smithing of jewelry. They can be combined with Gold Ingots and Silver Ingots to forge jewelry, which can then be enchanted.

Crafted jewelryEdit


A Gold and Emerald Circlet exists in the game, but cannot be crafted.