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Emperor (Online)

A Covenant Emperor in Cyrodiil.

Emperor, also referred to as The Pretenders by the Empress Regent Clivia Tharn,[1] is a PvP-related title in The Elder Scrolls Online. Despite the title, an Emperor will not have direct access to the Ruby Throne, due to interference by the army of Molag Bal.[2]

Ascension and DethroningEdit

If an Alliance controls all of the keeps surrounding the Imperial City, the player with the highest Alliance Points will be crowned Emperor.

The Emperor receives an entire skill line which can only be gained through achieving Emperor status. Powers include being able to make siege more effective, being able to knock down walls quicker, and having voice of the Emperor commands.

An Emperor is dethroned when their alliance loses all the keeps necessary to crown an Emperor, the next time they are killed, log out, or switch zones. The dethroned Emperor will still keep their skill line, although the abilities in it become much less powerful.

Skill AbilitiesEdit

When a player becomes the incumbent/current Emperor, they will gain several passive abilities. After they are dethroned, said player will still retain weaker versions of the abilities.

Domination – Increases Health, Magicka, and Stamina combat regeneration by 100%.
Authority – Increases Ultimate gains by 200%, and decreases Ultimate costs by 5%.
Monarch – Increases the magnitude of healing effects on Emperors by 50%.
Tactician – Increases Siege Weapon Damage by 100%.
Emperor – Increases Health, Magicka, and Stamina by 100% while in your campaign.

First EmperorsEdit

The following is a list of the first Emperors, in each campaign:

North American ServerEdit

  • Scourge: Joface (Aldmeri Dominion)
  • Chrysamere: Alueren
  • Auriel's Bow: Merdon the Vengeful (Ebonheart Pact)
  • Skull Crusher: Dashivax of Kill Cult
  • Dawnbreaker: Morkulth
  • Goldbrand: Tombfox
  • Hopesfire: Kip
  • Volundrung: Draco Ismenium
  • Wabbajack: Fixate
  • Vivec: Jaflower

European ServerEdit

  • Chrysamere: Sulfr
  • Auriel's Bow: Pryda
  • Bloodthorn: Cheesus Crust
  • Dawnbreaker: Aendir Celion (Aldmeri Dominion)
  • Goldbrand: Gsko
  • Hopesfire: tiu la minimacro
  • Vivec: Augustus Aurelius




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Emperor of Cyrodiil
Clivia Tharn 2E 582 - 2E ??? Warlord Attrebus

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