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For other uses, see Enchanted Armor.

Enchanted armor can be found as generic random loot throughout Skyrim. This page serves as a guide to the different types of armor and enchantments that can be found.

For enchanted clothing, see the main article.


Typically there are 4 variables that the game uses to generate enchanted armor. These are:

  • Armor quality - This pertains to the material the armor is made of - from Iron to Dragon quality.
  • Armor piece - Either a helmet, gauntlets, armor piece, boots or shield.
  • Armor enchantment - The enchantment itself.
  • Enchantment magnitude - Typically there are 6 levels of strength an enchanted armor piece may have, these are listed in the tables below.

An example of this would be "Daedric Armor of the Peerless Knight". It should be noted that not every single combinations of Quality/Class/Magnitude and Enchantment weapons are available in the game.

Fortify AlchemyEdit

Quality Class Magnitude Enchantment Modifier Level

Steel Plate

of Minor Alchemy Created potions are 12% more powerful. 1-7
of Alchemy Created potions are 15% more powerful. 4-20
of Major Alchemy Created potions are 17% more powerful. 6-37
of Eminent Alchemy Created potions are 20% more powerful. 17-49
of Extreme Alchemy Created potions are 22% more powerful. 30-52
of Peerless Alchemy Created potions are 25% more powerful. 40-55

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