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The Enchanter Survey: Eastmarch is a crafting survey map in The Elder Scrolls Online. It marks where a bountiful supply of runes can be found in Eastmarch hold.


  • 6 Dual Runestones


This item is given to the Vestige as one of the possible rewards inside an Enchanter's Coffer IV, received after completing an Enchanter Writ.


  • The reward is located northeast of Eastmarch. The closest wayshrine is the Kynesgrove Wayshrine.
  • From the wyshrine, take the road that travels southeast.
  • When reaching the intersection, turn left and head east until the road ends by the house.
  • From the house travel northeast, up the hill. When reaching the second torch, turn right and travel east until reaching the stone archway.
  • Go across the archway and immediately head southwest where the runes will be located.