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A player character using an enchanting station.

For other uses, see Enchanting.

Enchanting is a crafting profession in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Vestige must find runestones around Tamriel and examine them to get a rune. Then the Vestige must combine an aspect rune, an essence rune and a potency rune in order to create a glyph, that can be used later to enchant weapons, armor or jewelry.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • Aspect Improvement: Allows the use of Aspect Runestones.
    • Rank 1: Common (white) and Standard (green) (Unlocked at Enchanting Level 1)
    • Rank 2: Superior (blue) (Unlocked at Enchanting Level 6)
    • Rank 3: Artifact (purple) (Unlocked at Enchanting Level 16)
    • Rank 4: Legendary (gold) (Unlocked at Enchanting Level 31)
  • Potency Improvement: Allows the use of Potency Runestones to make level __ Glyphs
    • Rank 1: Allows use of Jora, Porade, Jode, and Notade to make level 1-15 Glyphs  (Unlocked at Enchanting Level 1)
    • Rank 2: Allows use of Jera, Jejora, Ode, and Tade to make level 11-25 Glyphs (Unlocked at Enchanting Level 5)
    • Rank 3: Allows use of Odra, Pojora, Jayde, and Edode to make level 21-35 Glyphs (Unlocked at Enchanting Level 10)
    • Rank 4: Allows use of Edora, Jaera, Pojode, and Rekude to make level 30-45 Glyphs (Unlocked at Rank 3)
    • Rank 5: Allows use of Pora, Denara, Hade, and Idode to make level 40-50 Glyphs (Unlocked at Rank 4)
    • Rank 6: Allows use of Rera and Pode to make level Vetern Rank 1 Glyphs. (Unlocked at Enchanting Level 25)
    • Rank 7: Allows use of Derado and Kedeko to make level Vetern Rank 3 Glyphs (Unlocked at Rank 6)
    • Rank 8: Allows use of Recura and Rede to make level Vetern Rank 6 Glyphs (Unlocked at Rank 7)
    • Rank 9: Allows use of Cura and Kude to make level Vetern Rank 8 Glyphs (Unlocked at Rank 8)
  • Keen Eye: Rune Stones: Runes in the world will be easier to see when you are ___ meters or closer.
    • Rank 1: 20 meters or closer (Unlocked at Enchanting Level 2)
    • Rank 2: 30 meters or closer (Unlocked at Enchanting Level 7)
    • Rank 3: 40 meters or closer (Unlocked at Rank 2)
  • Hireling: When you go offline, a hireling will find runestones for you. Your hireling refreshes every 24 hours.
    • Rank 1: Hireling will find Runestones and send them once a day (Unlocked at Enchanting Level 3)
    • Rank 2: Hireling has a better chance of finding more rare Runestones to send you once a day. (Unlocked at Enchanting Level 12)
    • Rank 3: Hireling has a good chance of finding rare Runestones to send you twice a day (Unlocked at Enchanting Level 32)
  • Aspect Extraction: increases the chance of extracting Aspect Runestones by ___%.
    • Rank 1: 5% (Unlocked at Enchanting Level 4)
    • Rank 2: 10% (Unlocked at Rank 1)
    • Rank 3: 15% (Unlocked at Enchanting Level 29)


Potency RunestonesEdit

Additive Runes Translation Subtractive Runes Translation Requires Glyph Prefix Gear Level
Jora p Jora Develop Jode p Jode Reduce Potency Improvement 1 Trifling Level 1-10
Porade p Porade Add Notade p Notade Subtract Potency Improvement 1 Inferior Level 5-15
Jera p Jera Increase Ode p Ode Shrink Potency Improvement 2 Petty Level 10-20
Jejora p Jejora Raise Tade p Tade Decrease Potency Improvement 2 Slight Level 15-25
Odra p Odra Gain Jayde p Jayde Deduct Potency Improvement 3 Minor Level 20-30
Pojora p Pojora Supplement Edode p Edode Lower Potency Improvement 3 Lesser Level 25-35
Edora p Edora Boost Pojode p Pojode Diminish Potency Improvement 4 Moderate Level 30-40
Jaera p Jaera Advance Rekude p Rekude Weaken Potency Improvement 4 Average Level 35-45
Pora Augment Hade Lessen Potency Improvement 5 Strong Level 40-50
Denara Strenghten Idode Impair Potency Improvement 5 Strong Level Champion System Icon10-30
Rera Exaggerate Pode Remove Potency Improvement 6 Greater Level Champion System Icon30-50
Derado Empower Kedeko Drain Potency Improvement 7 Grand Level Champion System Icon50-70
Recura Magnify Rede Deprive Potency Improvement 8 Monumental Level Champion System Icon100
Kura Intensify Kude Negate Potency Improvement 9 ? Level Champion System Icon140
Repora ? Jehade ? Potency Improvement 10 Superb Level Champion System Icon150

Essence RunestonesEdit

Name Translation Requires
Dekeipa e Dekeipa Frost Essence Improvement 1
Deni e Deni Stamina Essence Improvement 1
Denima e Denima Stamina Regen Essence Improvement 1
Deteri e Deteri Armor Essence Improvement 1
Haoko e Haoko Disease Essence Improvement 1
Kaderi e Kaderi Shield Essence Improvement 1
Kuoko e Kuoko Poison Essence Improvement 1
Makderi e Makderi Spell Harm Essence Improvement 1
Makko e Makko Magicka Essence Improvement 1
Makkoma e Makkoma Magicka Regen Essence Improvement 1
Meip e Meip Shock Essence Improvement 1
Oko e Oko Health Essence Improvement 1
Okoma e Okoma Health Regen Essence Improvement 1
Okori e Okori Power Essence Improvement 1
Oru e Oru Alchemist Essence Improvement 1
Rakeipa e Rakeipa Fire Essence Improvement 1
Taderi e Taderi Physical Harm Essence Improvement 1

Aspect RunestonesEdit

Name Translation Requires
Ta a Ta Base Aspect Improvement 1
Jejota a Jejota Fine Aspect Improvement 1
Denata a Denata Superior Aspect Improvement 2
Rekuta a Rekuta Epic Aspect Improvement 3
Kuta Legendary Aspect Improvement 4



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