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  • Should I enchant fortify stamina or stamina regen?

    9 messages
    • Stamina regen, as for Magicka and Health regen, works on a % of your total Stamina pool. So each time your Stamina pool increases, so does ...
    • To add to the previous post, although your regen rate is percentage based it does still depend on level, and where you put your points into. A...
  • Enchanting (Elder Scrolls Online)

    2 messages
    • Jora = Develop Jode = Reduce Jejota = Fine Dekeipa = Frost Ta = Base Denima = Stamina Regen Okori = Power Rakeipa = Fire Deni = Stamina Kuok...
    • I created the page Enchanting_(Online) and filled in what i had on me atm. Feel free to ask if you need any help.

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