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End of the World Renter Rooms

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End of the World Renter Rooms is an inn located in Dagon Fel. There are two entrances, one on the ground floor, and a second via an upstairs walkway that connects the building to The End of the World.

Ironically, no one inside offers a room for rent. Hjotra the Peacock has a variety of goods for sale downstairs, while Hreirek the Lean trades in lockpicks and offers thief-related training upstairs.

There is a locked door on the ground floor that requires 15 security to pick. Nothing of interest is found in this bedroom, it contains an empty closet and a generic book.

There are two more locked doors on the upper floor, requiring 25 and 15 security to pick. Behind the first locked door is a small storage area with a variety of food containers. Behind the second locked door is another bedroom with little of interest, containing two generic books and a dresser.




  • Hjotra the Peacock – Apparel, Armorer supplies, Ingredients, Potions, Weapons, Misc
  • Hreirek the Lean - Lockpicks and probes



The following items are located here:


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