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Endrast is a deceased Bosmer whose body is located in the Alftand Animonculory.


Next to his body is his journal, which describes that he "ran like a coward and could hear her fighting Falmer and he just had to get away."

He tells of the Khajiit brothers, J'darr and J'zhar, who are found earlier on in the Alftand Glacier and how he never "saw them in the cell," which Endrast managed to escape by picking the lock with his group and ended up splitting. His journal also tells of Sulla who yelled that he was not going to leave "without finding what he came to Alftand Animonculory for."

Notable itemsEdit


  • Endrast will be found with a poisoned Falmer arrow in his shoulder, as stated in his journal.
  • If the Dragonborn is a member of the College of Winterhold, raising Endrast as a zombie and killing him will start the quest Rejoining the College.


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