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For other uses, see Energy Leech.
Main article: Spells (Morrowind)

Energy Leech is a Mysticism spell that temporarily transfers Fatigue from an adversary to the caster, increasing the target's weariness and rejuvenating the caster. All Fatigue transferred is returned at the end of the spell's duration.



The following people use Energy Leech:

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This spell can be purchased from the following merchants:

Danso Indules  Tribunal Temple Vivec, Temple Canton Outside
Folvys Andalor  Tribunal Temple Ald'ruhn Temple
Galsa Andrano TR  Tribunal Temple Mournhold Temple Infirmary
Llarara Omayn  Tribunal Temple Balmora Temple
Lloros Sarano  House Redoran Ald'ruhn Temple
Niras Farys  Tribunal Temple Sadrith Mora Telvanni Council House: Chambers
Only-He-Stands-There  None Balmora South Wall Cornerclub
Threvul Serethi  House Telvanni Sadrith Mora Threvul Serethi: Healer
Tunila Omavel *  House Telvanni Tel Uvirith Omavel's House

* This person provides services to faction members only. A sufficient rank may be required.



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