Enginaire is an Altmer foreman residing in Mathiisen, Auridon.


"Hey there, stranger. You here for work?"

No. I'm just passing through.: "Fair enough. Work here is hard, but it's good, honest work. At least, working the forge is honest. Don't know about running it."
What's your job here?: "I'm the foreman. I try to make sure the steel is forged on schedule. And that the workers are cared for. At least a little."
Is there a problem with how the workers are treated?: "Look, I do my best. The Canonreeve, the Forgemaster, they don't care much for us grunts. And they've no love for the Wood Elves and Khajiit. Sometimes I think they see em' as work animals."
Sounds bad: "Malanie and Condalin are business minded. They see everything in the bottom line. I just try to make the work as bearable as possible."
You don't mind working beside Bosmer and Khajiit?: "No. Not at all. Good workers are good workers, doesn't matter if they've got fur or can't change a torch. They deserve to be treated right. And I am to do that, best I can."