"No, another monster! I'd almost escaped. Don't hurt me!"

Engling is a Nord bard found at the Skald's Retreat.


Song of AwakeningEdit


Song of AwakeningEdit

"No, another monster! I'd almost escaped. Don't hurt me!"

I'm not going to hurt you! Snap out of it. "What? Who ... who are you? The last thing I remember, I was performing. I'd just researched the crescendo, and then the sky ... Shor's bones, the sky!"
What happened? "I don't know. And I can feel my mind slipping away. Please, help me. Find my mentor, the great Sage Odana. She was at my performance. If anyone knows what happening, she will. Hurry!"
I'll speak with the Sage. "What were we talking about? Please, Mistress. Don't hurt me."
Can you tell me about this place? "Of course, Mistress. As you know, we bards call it Skald's Retreat. The greatest talespinners in Skyrim gather here. And, of course, we have loremaster Brugar as well. Keeps a library of ancient stories and artifacts."
I'm not your Mistress. "I hear your challenge, Mistress, and I heed your call. It was my honor to weave the song for you."
Song? "Yes, the song. The ancient song, the ancient tune. Your whispers in the night. They inspired me so. But I know you don't wish me to speak of it."

(After removing Vaermina's influence)
"Kyne's breath! You've done it."

Just good to see you all awake. "Aye! And I'll be lucky if Odana doesn't toss me in the lake tonight. Still, don't doubt it for a minute, my friend. The song of this day will be sung from every tavern in Skyrim."