Enigma of Sotha Sil appears during the quest "The Seal of Three" located in the Tribunal Temple. According to it, it is the essence of Sotha Sil's imperfections cast away by Sotha Sil himself.


"Your reason surpassed the arbiter's trap. In doing so, you revealed yourself to us. Your do not fully comprehend. Such is your imperfection."

Are you Sotha Sil? "We are the imperfection of Sotha Sil- excised from his being, yet never truly apart. We measure the indulgence of inspiration against the necessities of progression. You will never know. You are not Sotha Sil."
Why did I have to destroy the arbiter? "Perfection can never truly be attained. By testing one's consonantly degrading mechanism against this unknowable goal, you reveal the imperfections of your own device. Can you accept this necessity?"