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"Name's Ennis. If you've got friends who do business in Whiterun, they might know me."


Ennis is a Redguard farmer in Rorikstead in Whiterun Hold. He tends to his farm with the help of Reldith. They make a profit not only from the crops, but also from selling their cattle's manure.


A Night to RememberEdit

During this quest, the Dragonborn must retrace their steps after a night of drunken escapades caused by Sam Guevenne, the alter ego of the Daedric Prince Sanguine. This quest brings the Dragonborn to an angry Ennis, who berates the Dragonborn for stealing his prize-winning goat, Gleda, and selling it to a giant. The Dragonborn must then persuade or intimidate him or attempt to get Gleda back from the giant by any means necessary.


  • "You talk to Reldith yet? She's like a mother to me."
  • "You here from the city? I visit Whiterun from time to time, mostly to make deals."
  • "Reldith is the hardest working farmer in Rorikstead, but I'm the one with a head for business."


Who'd buy dirt?Edit

Reldith "The way our crops have been growing, Rorikstead must have the richest soil in the Hold."
Ennis "Maybe we should start selling the soil along with the dung. We could make a tidy profit."
Reldith "Ha! Who in their right mind would pay for dirt? You'd get laughed out of Whiterun for even trying it."
Ennis "Hey, people pay money for stranger things. Take our cow dung - we sell that by the wagon load."
Reldith "When you're rich you can waste as much money as you like on farfetched business ideas. In the meantime, there's a farm to run."

Delayed decisionsEdit

Ennis "Have you given my idea any more thought? You said you'd let me know yesterday, and that obviously didn't happen."
Reldith "Oh, I don't know. Yes, we'd make more money, but I don't like the idea of you traveling alone out there with the war and talk of dragons."
Ennis "Come on now, we discussed that. I wouldn't be traveling all of Skyrim. It'd just be to Whiterun and back, that's it."
Reldith "Tomorrow. [pause] I'll let you know tomorrow."