Enthis Hlan is a Dunmer silk merchant found in Nimalten. He is looking for help in recovering some stolen silk.


A Business PropositionEdit

Enthis will explain if spoken to that a group of bandits stole his silk, and that he believes Turil Darothen is the one behind it. However, he cannot get the guards to listen to him, nor can he find the man himself. He will ask the Vestige to look at the Riverside Inn and do what he can to get the silk back.

When speaking to Turil, he will admit to hiring the bandits, but will claim the silk is his, but was stolen by Enthis.

Once the Silk is recovered, the Vestige must decide to either give the silk to one of the men, or destroy it. If the silk is not given to Enthis, he will be upset in the outcome.