The Enthralled Wizards are Nord and Redguard ghosts found in Labyrinthian during the quest "The Staff of Magnus."


The Enthralled Wizards are the last "survivors" of Savos Aren's ill-fated expedition into Labyrinthian. During this journey, all but two of Savos Aren's companions perished.

The three mages reached the room where the Dragon Priest Morokei resided, and two of them were slain. Savos, the sole survivor, enthralled his fallen friends' spirits so that they might imprison Morokei within an energy shield to keep him from escaping.


The Staff of MagnusEdit

The Enthralled Wizards appear in the last room of Labyrinthian, keeping Morokei trapped. In order to kill him and recover the Staff of Magnus, the Dragonborn must kill the two wizards.


  • Given the conversations that psychic impressions repeat as the Dragonborn journeys through the Labyrinthian during the quest, it becomes clear that Atmah and Hafnar Ice-Fist are the two Enthralled Wizards that are imprisoning Morokei.
  • Their channeling can be broken without attacking them by attempting to pickpocket them.
    • If Morokei is killed without killing the wizards, the wizards will not be hostile towards the Dragonborn. However, they will have no dialogue.