"Please, dry-skin, do what Naryu asks. She's our best hope for getting out of this terrible place."

Eoki is an Argonian slave found on Vvardenfell. He is originally found in the slave cages of Firemoth, but can later be met in Sadrith Mora serving the Telvanni after being captured by slavers four times in Thorn. Eoki is in love with Sun-in-Shadow, who is also a slave when first met.


Broken BondsEdit

A Hireling of House TelvanniEdit

Eoki asks the Outlander to help him and her love Sun-in-Shadow win their freedom from House Telvanni.

Rising to RetainerEdit

Eoki has information to help Sun-in-Shadow gain favor with the Magister.

The Heart of a TelvanniEdit

Eoki has hired the Ropefish to smuggle him and several other slaves out of Morrowind.


  • "Did you get the things Naryu wanted? The slavers are returning and plans have changed. Naryu sent me to find you and get the gate key"
  • (Tell me what happened). "Naryu sent a signal to the House Guard in Seyda Neen and that's when the slaver horn started sounding. The slavers must have been hiding nearby and now they're on their way back. We have to hurry!"
  • (Here's the gate key). "You are a ray of sunshine on a cloudy morning! I'll lead the prisoners through the gate and see what we can find to get off this island. You meet up with Naryu at the overlook and then rendezvous with us at the docks."


  • Eoki is evidently a mage with some connection to the Hist. Sun-in-Shadow mentions that his Telvanni masters force Eoki to wear enchanted manacles at all time, even when he sleeps, which suppress his magical abilities. The Telvanni both hate and fear this magic for being so outside their understanding.