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Eriku's House is a large home found in Solitude, owned by Erikur.


Erikur's House is a lavish manor located adjacent to the Blue Palace. Erikur lives here with his sister, Gisli, and his housecarl Melaran.

The lower level hosts quite a large collection of empty barrels of Honningbrew Mead and various generic kegs and alcohol. The middle level has a bedroom, an Arcane Enchanter surrounded by many alchemical ingredients and potions, the kitchen with only fish products on the table, and a door leading to a balcony. The top level only consists of a balcony that encompasses the entire building, and the master bedroom with a chest.

All three doors to his house bear the "Protected" Shadowmark symbol. There is also a Thief Cache outside next to many stacked barrels.

Notable itemsEdit

  • Many various alchemical ingredients, despite not having an Alchemy Lab.
  • Solutions of Strength and Potions of Strength, in addition to other useful potions.
  • Every decorative pot contains Tundra Cotton.
  • Thief Cache barrel next to the front door facing the street.


  • Melaran may be seen sleeping in the master bedroom and Erikur will sleep in the smaller one, or they may be sleeping together in the master bedroom.
  • Since the house holds three residents and only two beds, one person will just stand around all night.
  • Erikur and Gisli leave around 8:00am, while Melaran will remain inside until 12:00pm.
  • The multiple doors will have different lock levels than each other.


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