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"Have you met Torom? He's the best dog in the Reach."


Erith is a Breton child. She is the daughter of Daighre and can be found outside Left Hand Mine outside Markarth.

When she has been adopted by the Dragonborn, her dog Torom, comes with her.


She has a dog named Torom. She is a funny character and often makes silly comments. She is fairly lonely being that she only has a pet dog to play with all day. She claims that Torom is the best dog in the Reach, though.


  • "Why do they call it the Left Hand Mine, can the Miners use their right hands too?"
  • "I hope Pavo will be able to go back to his mine soon, everyone needs a home."
  • "Mama, can we talk. You know, about Papa."
  • "But ma', it's so boring here with just me and Torom. I was asking Skaggi some questions."
  • "Yes Ma."
  • "Why's everyone so upset? If there's Forsworn, the Jarl will take care of them, right?"
  • "Whatch'you doin in Left Hand? Do you dig up rocks too, like my mom?"


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  • If Daighre dies, and Erith is adopted, her dog Torom sometimes becomes hostile to the Dragonborn.