"I'm the shepherd here. Eronor's the name. And this is Weynon Priory."
―Eronor, when first spoken to.[src]

Eronor quote

Eronor is a Dunmer herder residing in the Weynon House in the chapel of Weynon Priory. He is a lay brother and is in charge of the sheep and horses.


If asked for assistance, he gives the Hero a repair hammer after the talking with Jauffre about the journey to Kvatch.

Asking Prior Maborel about him with a high disposition will lead him to note, "Perhaps it would interest you to know that Eronor's sister, Dagail, in Leyawiin, is an accomplished spellcaster." This could mean they could be step siblings, since Dagail is a Bosmer.[1]


  • "I lived in the Imperial City for a while, but city life just isn't for me. I'm much happier in Chorrol."
  • "If he's not sleeping or eating, he'll be fussing with his books. I reckon, over in the Priory House." —When asked for information about Jauffre