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Escourt Itermerel is a Mages Guild quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Ranis Athrys offers his notes in exchange for having a male Altmer Itermerel escorted to Pelagiad.


  1. Ask Ranis Athrys for duties.
  2. Go to the Eight Plates Inn at Balmora.
  3. Find Itermerel and obtain his notes by either:
    • Escorting him to the Pelagiad, Halfway Tavern and get them as a reward.
    • Steal his notes.
    • Kill him and take them from Itermerel's body.
  4. Head back to Ranis.





Escort Itermerel – MG_EscortScholar2
IDJournal Entry
10Ranis Athrys asked me to escort the scholar Itermerel, who is staying at the Eight Plates, to Pelagiad. What Ranis really wants, however, is a copy of Itermerel's notes.
  • Quest accepted
50I asked Itermerel to follow me to Pelagiad.
70Itermerel arrived safely in Pelagiad.
80Itermerel gave me a copy of his notes.
100I delivered Itermerel's notes to Ranis.
  • Quest completed


  • Having spared Tashpi Ashibael in the previous quest, sparing Itermerel will allow for an alternate conclusion of the Catch a Spy quest, in which Ranis can be denounced as the Telvanni spy.
  • Lying to Ranis about the Notes drops his disposition by 5.