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Escort Tarvyn Faren is a House Hlaalu quest, available to the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



Once the Nerevarine has recovered the debt owed by Murudius Flaeus, Edryno Arethi will task the Nerevarine with escorting a Hlaalu merchant to his destination. Arethi informs the Nerevarine that Tarvyn Faren (the merchant in question) is eager to begin the journey and will meet the Nerevarine by the silt strider which serves Vivec.

Escort DutyEdit

The Nerevarine will rendezvous with Faren (accompanied with his pack guar) on the road to Pelagiad. As there are no fast travel options between Vivec and Pelagiad, the Nerevarine will have to walk, slowly (as Faren will quickly fall behind), along the road to between the two towns. Once the Nerevarine and Faren have reached the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad, the Nerevarine will be thanked by Faren and may return to Arethi to obtain their reward (500 GoldIcon) and complete the quest.


Escort Tarvyn Faren
IDJournal Entry
10Edryno Arethi asked me to escort the trader Tarvyn Faren from the North Landing here in Vivec to Pelagiad.
  • Quest accepted
50Tarvyn Faren agreed to follow me to Pelagiad.
70Tarvyn Faren made it safely to Pelagiad.
100Edryno Arethi thanked me for escorting Tarvyn Faren to Pelagiad.
  • Quest complete


  • Non-House Hlaalu members can also complete this quest (Faren will appear on the road when the area is loaded).
  • Faren will often fall through bridges, so it is advised to avoid them at all costs.

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