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The Escutcheon of Chorrol is a variant of the Ebony shield awarded for completing the Sins of the Father quest by returning the Honorblade of Chorrol to its rightful owners, the royals of Chorrol instead of giving it to Fathis Ules.


The Escutcheon provides a bonus to Endurance and Reflect Damage. The magnitude of the enchantments vary, based on level at the time one acquire the shield.


If one looks at the shield carefully, one will notice a tree, the Great Oak of Chorrol emblazoned on the front. The shield is also a bit better than a regular Ebony shield, at level 25 or above it has a defense rating equal to a Daedric shield.


Level Base Value Weight Base Armor Health Enchantments Armor ID
1-4 4545GoldIcon 12WeightIcon 12ArmorIcon 225Health-icon Fortify Attribute: Endurance 5 pts
Reflect Damage 10%
5-9 6695GoldIcon 16WeightIcon 13.5ArmorIcon 375Health-icon Fortify Attribute: Endurance 6 pts
Reflect Damage 15%
10-14 8910GoldIcon 20WeightIcon 15ArmorIcon 525Health-icon Fortify Attribute: Endurance 7 pts
Reflect Damage 20%
15-19 11260GoldIcon 24WeightIcon 16.5ArmorIcon 750Health-icon Fortify Attribute: Endurance 8 pts
Reflect Damage 25%
20-24 13900GoldIcon 30WeightIcon 18ArmorIcon 1125Health-icon Fortify Attribute: Endurance 9 pts
Reflect Damage 30%
25+ 17500GoldIcon 36WeightIcon 22.5ArmorIcon 1500Health-icon Fortify Attribute: Endurance 10 pts
Reflect Damage 35%


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