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"Eshaba has just about anything you could want. So. What can she get you?"

Eshaba is a Khajiit located in the city of Vulkhel Guard, in Auridon. She is found near the clothing station, and will ask if the Vestige is after something special. She is a member of Queen Ayrenn's intelligence arm, the Eyes of the Queen.


A Hostile SituationEdit

Razum-dar tells the Vestige to find another agent. The Vestige receives a Vulkhel Guard Marine Disguise after talking to her.


I need a souvenir of the First Auridon Marines. "Ahh. Yes. Eshaba has that. The perfect thing to suit your needs! But are you certain? This souvenir comes with certain expectations."

Yes, I know what it entails. "A wise purchase, then. Very beneficial. Please take it from the chest, Just behind me. If you see our mutual friend again, be sure to give him this one's best."


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