Estate Sale is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. Geon Auline, who can be found at his house, is a collector of fine artefacts and asks the Nerevarine to obtain a missing artefact for his collection.


The ardent collector of fine artefacts Geon Auline has managed to obtain three out of a set of four unique daggers that were crafted in the Second Era for four Dunmer nobles. The missing dagger is named Droth Dagger and, as Geon has found out, is currently in the possesion of the recently widowed Arnsa Thendas. Geon asks the Nerevarine to try and persuade Arnsa to sell the dagger, or obtain it from her by any other means.


  • Talk to Geon Auline and accept the quest.
  • Acquire the Droth Dagger from Arnsa Thendas.
    • (Optional) Sell the dagger.
  • Return to Auline.


After accepting the quest from Geon Auline, further inquiry about "Arnsa Thendas" will reveal that she is about to auctioning off some of her late husband's effects. Geon fears that the dagger will be sold and that he will lose track of it. He also admits that he is not allowed on the auction.

At Thendas Manor, Arnsa Thendas will ask the Nerevarine if they are here for the estate sale and if they knew their late husband. The Nerevarine has now the choice to buy the Droth Dagger from her for 600GoldIcon or raise her disposition over 80 and then convince her to give the dagger to them by telling her that they knew her husband through the Imperial Legion. Alternatively, the dagger can be stolen from her.

The Nerevarine should now return to Geon Auline to deliver the dagger. He will be very happy and reward them with 800GoldIcon. Alternatively, they can sell the dagger and tell Geon what they have done. However, he will be very unhappy about it, and his disposition drops to zero.


  • 800GoldIcon


Journal Entry
I've spoken the {sic} Geon Auline, who is looking for a Droth Dagger to complete a collection.
I have agreed to help Geon Auline acquire a Droth Dagger. I need to got to Thendas Manor in the residential district.
  • Quest accepted
I declined Geon Auline's offer to help acquire the Droth Dagger; he says he'll try to get it some other way.
  • Quest failed
I have purchased the Droth Dagger from Arnsa Thendas. I should return it to Geon Auline, so he can complete his collection. I lied to Arnsa Thendas and claimed I knew her husband before he died. She gave me the Droth Dagger, which I should take to Geon Auline. I was caught attempting to lie to Arnsa Thendas about her husband. She will no longer speak to me.
  • Quest failed
Geon Auline was happy to have the Droth Dagger returned to him, and paid me 800 gold for it.
  • Quest completed
Geon Auline was upset that I'd sold the Droth Dagger, and will no longer speak to me.
  • Quest completed

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