Eustacia is the daughter of an oracle who can be found within the camp in the city of Dawnstar. She was tasked with aiding the player by Governor Vinticae prior to their arrival.


Eustacia is instrumental to the player's progress, as she uses her inherited oracular powers to provide the player with the first clue towards uncovering the traitor. Additionally, she can restore the player's health, magicka, and fatigue and cure their ailments.


  • If the player is killed, Eustacia says that they were found by scouts who brought you to her after "lining your pockets."
  • When a Warp Rune is activated, she can warp the player back to their previous location.
  • When she has her visions, her eyes turn a milky white.
  • After the first rumor, a message will appear saying, "She does not speak, yet you can still hear her say..."
  • Upon the player's first interaction with Eustacia, she warns them of the Gehenoth attacking when they rest.