Not to be confused with Eveline.
"You're not one of them. Please, you must help me!"
―Eveline Vette[src]

Eveline Vette is a Breton residing in Bad Man's Hallows, Glenumbra. When first met she is trapped by the roots of the tree in the Bad Man's tunnels.


She along with a circle of mages were testing the boundaries of conjuration. They were wildly successful, mortal terror notwithstanding. They summoned a minor Dremora lord. On this plane, it manifests itself as a giant tree at the center of the Hallows. It adopted the guise of the Bad Man to lure the gullible into its trap. All this for divine knowledge and natural curiosity.


Season of HarvestEdit

The Vestige entered a secluded grove near Daggerfall Harbor called Bad Man's Hallows. The people here are engaged in a festival honoring the Bad Man, an ancient harvest god.