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For other uses, see Evermore.

Evermore is a city in the Western Reach area of Bangkorai, High Rock.




Notable itemsEdit


Anchor's Point Inn:

Bank of Evermore:

Chrinitte's Carpentry Corner:

Evermore Fighters Guildhall:

Evermore Mages Guildhall:

Evermore Outlaws Refuge

Evermore Smithy:

The Back Alley Market:

Pelin's Watch Stables:

Spell-Weaver's Sanctum:

Ten Mountains Armory:

The Golden Cleaver:

The Mystic Mortar:

The Slippery Scales Armory:

The Stalls:

  • Ahya: General Goods. ("Dockside Sundries")
  • Othohoth: Backpack Merchant ("Otho's Packs and Pouches")

The Whistling Hammer:

Todrak's Eldritch Emporium:

Evermore Castle:

St. Pelin's Chapel:

Other characters:


This location is also mentioned in a few journals and books throughout the game, including:


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