The settlement of Fellmoor is a very strange place. This small farming plantation is home to murderers, madmen and obsessive compulsive farm hands. Fellmoor can be found by traveling southeast on Pinnacle Road. It is southeast of the Gates of Madness and on a small outlet into the Emean Sea, just west of the main road.

There the Hero will find Kishashi, a female Khajiit who talks about gaining Ranarr-Jo's trust.


Talk to Kishashi, who will tell about gaining Ranarr-Jo's trust, a tricky task indeed. But, before that her trust must be gained. This can be done in two ways: Either collect five Pod Pits (found abundantly around the settlement of Fellmoor in Water Root Pods), or just get her disposition up to 70 through Speechcraft.

Either way, once her trust is gained, she hands over a spoon, which she considers a highly powerful Daedric artifact. She then says to visit Ranarr-Jo, in Kishashi's House, which is on the southwest portion of Fellmoor. Ranarr-Jo is just as paranoid, so give him the spoon as a token of Kishashi's.

Ranarr-Jo will then talk about how their lives have been plagued by Cindanwe, the Altmer owner of the plantation. He believes that she is some how stealing their thoughts and keeping it in her diary. He wants some help to make her stop, either by killing her or breaking into and ransacking her house. He also would like to have Cindanwe's diary, as to regain his thoughts.

Otherwise, Cindanwe's house is located to the east. Break in when she's not at home during the day, and knock everything in her house off of the tables or shelves, making a mess. The journal will update when this is complete. Then, either pickpocket Cindanwe for her diary or get her disposition up to 70 through Speechcraft and she will just hand over the diary. Return it to Ranarr-Jo for the reward.

Journal entriesEdit

Journal Entry
  • Update: After talking to Kishashi:

Ranarr-Jo is in need of a hero, but Kishashi won't tell me more until she can trust me. If I want to know more, I need to get her to trust me. She mentioned needing five pod pits.

  • Update: After giving Kishashi five pod pits:

I've given Kishashi five Pod Pits. That made her happy. She should trust me now.

  • Update: After getting the spoon from Kishashi:

I've acquired a spoon from Kishashi that supposedly will get Ranarr-Jo to trust me. I should talk to him.

  • Update: After giving the spoon to Ranarr-Jo:

I've given Ranarr-Jo a spoon from Kishashi. It apparently is a sign he should trust me.

  • Update: After talking further to Ranarr-Jo:

Ranarr-Jo has asked me to wreck Cindanwe's house, and steal her notebook.

  • Update: After wrecking Cindanwe's house:

I've put Cidanwe's house in disarray.

  • Update: After acquiring Cindanwe's notebook:

I've acquired Cidanwe's notebook. I should speak with Ranarr-Jo to tell him the mission is accomplished.

  • Update: After talking to Ranarr-Jo again:

Ranarr-Jo is grateful that I've take care of Cidanwe. Now he and his neighbors can live in peace.

  • Quest complete


  • Don't kill Cindanwe around any of the other residents, as they will report it
  • Reading the notebook will shed some light onto just how insane everyone in Fellmoor is.