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Main article: Clothing (Morrowind)

Expensive Right Glove is an unenchanted right glove.


An Expensive Right Glove has a weight of 1.0, a value of 10 Septims, and an enchantment value of 5. They are tier two, better than Common but not as good as Extravagant or Exquisite.


One unique Expensive Right Glove is Aryon's Helper and can be obtained by completing the quest Recruit a Mouth. The Glove is rewarded by Telvanni Councillor Aryon in Tel Vos. It has a value of 94, 5 charges, and, when used, summons Flame Atronach for 120 secs, Frost Atronach for 90 secs, and Storm Atronach for 60 secs. It comes paired with Aryon's Dominator, an Expensive Left Glove.

Another unique Expensive Right Glove is the Right Hand of Zenithar and is also rewarded for completing a quest, this time for gathering five bottles Cyrodilic Brandy for the Fundraising Dinner. The quest is given by Iulus Truptor in the Imperial chapels in Ebonheart after completing Shirt and Vest for Harvest's End. The Glove has a value of 100 and has the constant effect of fortify Personality five points. It comes paired with Left Hand of Zenithar, an Expensive Left Glove.


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