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At first the deaths of my Bosmer slaves were problematic. Acquiring more would be difficult, and Cyrodiil is unlikely to send me more men. My lack of skill with necromancy has ever been a thorn in my side, making an undead workforce improbable.

That is, until I found the Book of the Frozen Legion. Within its pages was a brilliant solution: a layer of conjured frost encased around a human corpse. With a loyal spirit bound to this ice, commanding the spirit in turn commands the body through the ice.

There are limitations. The beings that result from this technique are as intelligent as a necromancer's skeleton—which is to say not at all. They are incapable of all but the most basic tasks. Without constant attention and direction, they are just as likely to wander out into the sun, where the ice will melt, as they are to finish whatever work you've left them.


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