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Exterminator is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Eydis Fire-Eye about orders.
  2. Speak to Drarayne Thelas to get the key.
  3. Kill the rats.
  4. Collect reward from Drarayne.
  5. Report back to Eydis.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Talk to Eydis Fire-Eye inside the Balmora Guild of Fighters about orders, and she will say a local Dunmer, named Drarayne Thelas has a Cave Rat infestation inside her house in Balmora Eydis says to speak with Drarayne, ask her where the rats are located inside her house, kill the rats, and report back to her.

To get to Drarayne's house, across from the western end of the central bridge, and enter the house through the front door on the eastern end of the bridge.

When Drarayne is spoken to about her rat infestation, she reveals that she has locked three rats inside her house, one inside her bed room, and two inside the storage room up the staircase outside her house. Concerned for her large supply of pillows, Drarayne gives the keys to both her house and storage room, asking for the rats to be killed.

After killing all the rats, talk to Drarayne again, and she will be grateful and give a reward of 100 GoldIcon. Report back to Eydis to complete the quest.


Eydis Fire-Eye told me to talk to Drarayne Thelas about some rats that have infested her house. Her house is here in Balmora, on the east side of town, near the river.
  • Quest accepted
Drarayne Thelas told me that she has one rat trapped in her bedroom and there are others in her storage area upstairs. She has given me the key to get in. I should find and kill all of the rats and return to her when I'm done.
Drarayne Thelas thanked me for getting rid of the rats and paid me 100 gold.
I reported to Eydis Fire-Eye that I had killed the rats plaguing Drarayne Thelas.
  • Quest complete
Eydis Fire-Eye realized that Drarayne Thelas was dead, and her rat problem was no longer an issue.
  • Quest complete


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