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Eydis is a Nord and the owner of Old Hroldan Inn. She is the mother of Skuli.


The Ghost of Old HroldanEdit

Eydis offers to let the Dragonborn sleep in the very bed that Tiber Septim supposedly stayed in. After sleeping a night in that bed, the Dragonborn will be awakened by Eydis' screaming, as a ghost has appeared and is wandering about the inn. She believes he is the ghost that is said to haunt Old Hroldan, and points out the possible locations to find the sword the ghost requests.


  • "Ah, a visitor. Welcome to Old Hroldan Inn."
  • "I suppose you'll be wanting Tiber Septim's bed, then?" - When asked to rent a room


Where's papa?Edit

Skuli "Mama, where did papa go?"
Eydis "He's off fighting the war, dear. For the Stormcloaks."
Skuli "Last time you said he was fighting for the Empire."
Eydis "Yep. I'm sure he's doing well there."


  • Her husband, Firir, is found in Chillwind Depths with a note describing what he went through and an apology for Eydis. There is no dialogue option to return it to her, however.
  • Sitting on one of the benches or in a chair will cause her to yell at her son, "Look alive, will you!" where he will reply "Yes mama!" and run over to the player and initiate dialogue for bartering.